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Where was I? in a bridal suite and doing what, preparing for my "marriage", which was to take place in a few hours. I was extremely 
nervous, and my mother, aunts and sisters didn't help as 
they kept fussing around the hotel suite getting my makeup and 
hair done. My Red Silk Lehenga lay neatly, ready on the 
bed. I was sitting at the vanity and trying to keep my pouting bottom lip from shaking as I wondered how I had come to this. 
Was I a "happy to become a bride"? YES! It had been my dream. But why was I afraid then. You see, I'm a sissy. I'm a young man who has demonstrated the urge to become a woman because I consider I am unfit to marry and reproduce, and am also  unfit to bear "full responsibility" for my life decisions; which makes me available to be sold into marriage to a strong male of suitable character".
I wasn't going to cry again. 
My mother fastened some huge Gold and Diamond earrings to my ears, the fifth pair in the last hour, and fussed over me. She wanted to make sure that it was really heavy and big enough to kiss my neck when I moved. I had long found that she always wanted a daughter and now was about to have one, if only for a little while. 
"What's the matter Beti? Are you still nervous about being 
a bride?" She cooed.
"Haan Maa, I'm a bit nervous to give up my life as guy!" I 
cried out. 
"What's the matter?" Said one of my aunts to my mother.
"She's nervous, isn't it cute?" She replied. 
"No Mom, it's not 'cute'!" I interrupted them. "In a few  
hours I'm going to be given in marriage away to a man! Doesn't that bother you? I was a guy before and now I started growing these... these..."
I reached down to my salwar and motioned to my budding 
"Oh, Beti..." She murmured, fussing with my curls and 
bangs. "You may have been a 'guy' but you were never really 
a man, were you?"
"Yes, I was! I had a girlfriend and everything. Kiran was 
going to marry me..."
"Kiran is a fine girl! She was never going to marry you!" 
She argued. "She was a petite and beautiful young woman who 
deserved a strong young man to give her mother grandchildren! You 
were never going to be able to do that with your... your... 
well, your endowment."
The tears began again. "Oh Mom! We were in love! Sure, she 
wasn't terribly happy with my... performance... but we 
loved being together! Why did she have to tell you all 
about it?"
"Now, honey, you're ruining your makeup. Look, your mascara 
is running. If Kiran hadn't confided in me, then you would have gotten married and she would have eventually begun cheating on you for her satisfaction. Now, don't give me that look, you know women have needs. 
"I'm... I'm not a girl... I don't care what they do to 
me..." I cried softly thinking of what the doctors at the 
Institute for Gender Reassignment had told me what the 
future would hold for me.
"Now, dear, you ARE a girl. Your new hubby, Anil will see to 
that. Your therapy is coming along fine. They say you'll be 
a D cup within a year to eighteen months. The... rest... 
will take place within two years. I may even have 
grandchildren before I'm too old to care for them..." She 
Aunt Mansi and Aunt Rani both laughed happily, agreeing. 
"I... I don't even like him... he scares me." I admitted, 
looking in the mirror again. 
"Of course you're scared, honey. He's a real, strong man, 
with a real, big cock between his legs. He's not like 
the other young men of your generation; he's got a real set 
of balls. He's very successful as a businessman I'm told, 
though he's also a little 'aggressive' I've heard."
"Yes, I've heard that too." Said my Aunt Mansi.
My mother continued. "He's an aggressive, confident man. 
He'll make a wonderful husband. His selection of a sissy 
bride was a brilliant move. You'll make a very successful 
wife to him because you're naturally submissive, which I 
can tell he likes. He's a 'conqueror', Sandeep. You were 
never so confident."
I began to realize where I'd failed...
"He's also seen your projected looks and figure after your 
reassignment is complete, and he's very excited to have you 
in his home, as well as his bed."
"You've had the oral training, haven't you?" Asked aunt 
Rani. "Perhaps he's scared about his wedding night?"
"Yes," Said my mother. "He... or should I say 'she' has 
been trained as a cocksucker, though only on prosthetics. 
The doctors said she was a 'natural'. She'll be on her 
knees tonight." She smiled proudly.
I blushed deeply, looking down at my thin, soft legs. 
Aunt Rani came in with a large, colorful brochure from the 
Institute. "Here, they handed me this to give to you after 
your latest visit. It's to help with your wedding night. It 
will help alleviate some of those 'jitters'." She giggled. 
The title read: Dulhan jiske lehengey mein chupa hai LUND: KYA HOGA AAJ KI RAAT
Wedding Night in Ten Easy Steps
I took the brochure and put it on the vanity in front of 
me. Mother had finished fixing my makeup, and kissed me on 
the cheek.
"Read up. It may help."
I just pouted at her. 
"Oh, and before I forget, Kiran said she could make it 
"What!" I stammered. "She's... she's going to be here?"
"Yes, she wanted to show you her new engagement ring, but I 
told her that you would see her at the reception this 
"I... but..." I began, my lipsticked mouth agape.
"We'll leave you alone for a little while, honey." She 
winked, and left. 
I turned back to the vanity, looking at my face, framed by 
curls and pouting in the light. My bottom lip began shaking 
"...engaged..." I thought.
Probably to that asshole Neeraj Mahajan who used to beat me up 
in school. He certainly fit the bill as a "virile male" 
under the new law. He probably had a license for a dozen 
kids. I remembered him swaggering in the locker room, his 
thick prick swinging back and forth between his legs. He 
used to flirt and paw at Kiran in the hallways at school. 
I never had the nerve to stand up to him. I guess he'd been 
catching up to her over the last several months. 
I picked up the brochure and opened it to the first page, 
it read and I went on to read it whole, scanning illustrations and feeling my feminity growing.
I put down the brochure with trembling hands. My thoughts 
were wild and panicked! There was no way I could have done 
something like that to Kiran! Did "real men" actually do 
things like that... How was it even possible? Could I have 
been fooling myself all of my life... My heart beat 
furiously in my chest. My legs trembled thinking of Anil's 
powerful arms and chest. Thinking that my tits would get 
bigger the more he fucked me! The wedding was barely an 
hour away. 
I reached for the purse Aunt Mansi had given me as a gift. 
My manicured hands nervously undid the snap and opened it. 
I felt myself growing faint and sat down on the bed before 
I collapsed. She had seen fit to put some sanitary napkins 
in the purse for me. How considerate. My mother and aunts 
were returning to help me into the dress. 
"Time to get you ready, Seema!" She exclaimed.

"Time to get you ready, Seema!" I heard my mother exclaim as she returned with my aunts. "Let's begin turning our sweet little girl into a beautiful fairy tale princess for her wedding day."

Lying on the bed, still somewhat dazed after reading the brochure, I began shaking my head. "No, please mother. I can't do this! I'm not a girl, I'm a guy. Please, PLEASE don't make me do this mother, Pleeease?!." I began to sob.

"Now, now. We'll have none of that young lady. I don't want to have to re-do your makeup again, we've less than an hour until the ceremony begins. You don't want to keep Anil waiting at the pandal, do you?" mother said. Then smiling down at me, she reached out her hand. "Come, you'll feel much better once we get you into your beautiful heavy silk lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick."

They all grabbed me and helped me up. I stood timorously on my high-heels, still not used to the feel of them. Looking up, my eyes caught an image in the mirror across the room. There stood a pretty young woman all turned out in the most feminine lacy bridal lingerie you could find. From the strappy white high heels on her dainty feet, to the sheer white patterned stockings, the shimmery satin and lace salwar kurta, all the way to the white satin ribbon holding her long black hair. She was beautiful - and sexy. And she was me!

I stared at "her" face, no longer able to see any trace of the boy I was just a few weeks earlier. Her eyes, once brown were now blue thanks to contac lenses. They were sultry, smoldering - we used to call them "Bedroom" eyes - framed by a soft coat of eyeliner, lashes lengthened and curled, eyebrows tweezed into a thin, feminine arch. Her complexion was smooth and clear - no stubble, thanks to those "vitamins" and shots I've been taking. But "her" lips are what fascinaAnil me the most. They were glossy red, shaped into a perfect cupids bow. Cute and kissable. The only thing was, men would want to kiss them - kiss me!

My once long brown hair had been dyed black and styled into a cute bridal updo with little curls falling around my face and bangs over my forehead. The thin, lacy white satin ribbon added a particularly feminine touch. Mother decided that it would be left in after my veil was arranged.

"Seema? Seema?" It was my mother. "Seema, sweetie are you there?" My attention diverted from the mirror back to my mother. "Seema, listen now. I almost forgot to tell you." she said as a big smile emerged on her face. "Your new Birth Certificate arrived this morning, and it's official! You are no longer Seema Patrick Johnston. You are now Seemaa Patricia Johnston! Isn't that lovely? Now, I was talking to your future husband Anil, and he said that he prefers to call you 'Seema'. He said 'Seemaa' sounded too much like your old 'boy' name and that Seema is more appropriate for a pretty girl like you, don't you agree dear?" I just nodded blankly at her. "I suppose 'Seema' would be alright, mother." I replied sadly. After all, what could I do about it anyway?

I was led to the other side of the room where my two aunts were waiting to help me into my petticoats. Earlier, they had laced me tightly into a satin bridal panty. It was full of lace trim and little pink bows and garters to hold up my stockings. It lifted my small developing breasts to create cleavage like that of a B-cup. My aunts seemed to take great delight in tightening the laces as I held onto the bedpost. Each aunt took turns trying to see how small they could make my waist. Neither was satisfied until I was down to 22 inches! Now they seem to be taking just as much delight in dressing me in a heavy silk lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, like some doll that they never had as kids.

"OK, Seema dear. First, you'll have to slip off your salwar kurta." I reached over and slipped the thin spaghetti straps off my shoulders and let it fall into a mound of satin at my feet. I stood there in my white bras and panties, awaiting my next command. All the while trembling and whispering softly, "Please don't do this to me, please! I don't want to be a bride, I don't want to marry a man. I'm a boy! I'm not a girl!"

Not seeming to hear or pay any attention, my aunts persisted "Now hold your arms up dear, while we lift the petticoat and drop it over your head." I obeyed and with a loud rustling swish, I felt the it slither down my body, coming to rest on my now augmented hips as my aunt Mansi tied it tightly behind me. The slip came to just above the floor and poofed out around me in a huge display of ruffles.

Looking in the mirror again, I saw the bride-to-be in her petticoats, and tears began to well up again. Not tears of joy, but of humiliation and fear. "How had this happened?" I thought. "Look, Mansi." my mother said to my aunt. "She's so happy she's tearing up." Turning to me, she dabbed my eyes with a lace hanky. "There there sweetie, I know you can't wait to be in the strong arms of your new husband. It'll only be a little while longer, dear." she reassured me.

"But mother, you don't understand!" I pleaded again, stomping my foot like a petulant child, "I don't want to be married to a man. I don't want to be the bride! Please don't make me be someone's wife, I'm a guy, not a girl!"

"Now Seema!" she looked at me sternly. "We have been over and over this. You ARE a girl, soon to be a woman and hopefully the mother of my grandchildren. The sooner you come to terms with that, the better you'll be!" Smiling again, she took me by the hand. "Come, the time has arrived. Time for you to get into your lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick!" She went to the bed and picked the heavy thing to expose the - heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick.

Actually she lay the lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick and veil and laid them out on the bed. Looking down and smiling at them, mother let out a big sigh. "I can't believe this day is finally here! My little girl is going to be a blushing bride! And what a beautiful lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick she's going to be wearing, too!" Turning to her sisters she said, "Don't you think so Mansi? Rani?"

"Oh, Yes." they exclaimed, "It's quite beautiful. Our niece is going to look absolutely ravishing in her lehenga, the match of her maroon lipstick."

I just stood there trembling, staring at the huge confection of satin, beads and lace. In a few moments I was going to be wearing it and walking down the aisle.

"Are you ready, Seema?" mother asked. "Yes mother," I replied, looking down at my ruffled petticoats. "I suppose so."

Each one got on a different side of the lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick and carefully lift it off the bed. Lifting it and spreading the large voluminous skirt, they instructed me to kneel down slightly and lift my arms while they slipped it over me. Easing it down, they spread the skirts over the petticoats, fluffing them to give them more volume. I just stood and watched in disbelief as my transformation into a blushing bride was nearly complete.

"OK, sweetie," mother said. now slip your arms carefully into the sleeves and I'll help you in and tie this backless silk choli. I did as instructed, pulling the large pouf sleeves over my shoulders. "That's a girl!" she said. "Now, I realize that your bras and panties are holding you in quite well, but just for safety, I want you to inhale slightly while I tie the stirrings at the back up. I took a breath and in one motion, I was tied into my heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick.

My aunts continued to fuss over the hemline while my mother did up the choli that rested on the small of my back. The lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick was surprisingly heavy, but beautiful none the less. It was a traditional, full length ball lehenga made of pure silk that seemed to shimmer in the light. The form-fitting bra and panty were covered in lace, beads and faux pearls with a scalloped sweetheart neckline. The princess seams in the torso caused it to hug my slim body and waist like a second skin. The sleeves were short. They hugged my elbbows, ending in large satin poufs around my shoulders, each adorned with a satin bow. The lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick's skirt flowed out around the petticoat in a spectacular display of satin and lace edging. The train was cathedral length and when spread out featured a large, heart-shaped lace edged opening.

This lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick was truly a dulhan's dream. But not mine. I was torn. Totally humiliated at the situation I found myself in. But what could I do. I was the bride about to be given to a groom.

Left by myself for a moment, I began absentmindedly fondling the satin material of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick. My dainty manicured fingers gently fluffing and swishing the skirts around. I began feeling dizzy and my little cockette - or sissy-clit as my mom refers to it - began to stir in my satin panties. Could it be? Was I beginning to enjoy this feeling? I could even feel my ass lubricating again, as if it were getting itself ready for something. Why was this happening? My little spell was broken when my mother came up and caught my attention again.

"Now Seema, before we arrange your veil, we have a few things to give to you." she smiled. "You know, the traditional things a bride needs on her wedding day - something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." she sang. "First, the old." She opened a jewelry box to reveal a huge gold necklace and pendant with a matching set of gold and diamond earrings and a heavy nathni with chain and mangtika, putting each upon me to complete my face. "These were mine when I married your father - that good-for-nothing bum. I'm glad he left." she murmured. Then smiling again, she continued. "Anyway, I want you to wear them today." and with that she handed me the earrings and nathni to put in while she went behind me and fastened the necklace around my neck. I could tell she was doing everything she could to make me feel as girly and feminine as a bride could feel on her wedding day.

"Now, the something new of course, is your beautiful heavy silk lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick. So that's covered."

She continued. "Something borrowed is this." And she produced a payal. I recognized it as the one I bought for Kiran while we were dating. "Yes, that's right sweetheart, Kiran wanted you to wear this today. But she'll want it back later, I'm sure."

The women helped me to sit and lift the skirt and slips of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick while my aunt Rani attached the payals to my ankles. "Now keep those skirts up darling, we have one more item for you - the sandals.

I took the sandals and slipped it up my feet. I then re-arranged my skirts back down my legs and stood up looking at the three women executing my sentence. "Now for your veil, princess." my mother announced. "And you will truly look like a princess with this." as she showed me the veil. It was long and sheer with lace edgings, but the crowning glory was the dainty diamond studded borders that it attached to! "Oh my!" I gasped. "Lovely, isn't it Seema, dear?" she asked. "No!" I thought to my self, it's hideous! But what I actually heard startled me. I answered her "Oh yes, mother! It's divine!" Where did THAT come from I wondered?

She slipped the edges of the border around my curly updo and attached it with two bobby pins while aunt Mansi arranged the veil behind me, fluffing it and making sure it flowed all the way down my back. "There, now our fairy princess is ready to look at herself in the mirror. Close your eyes, Seema dear." my mother said.

I did so and lifted the front of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick as I was led around the room to the mirror. The loud rustling of my petticoats echoed in my ears. "OK, sweetie. Let go of your dress and open your eyes now."

When I did, I almost fainted. There in the mirror was a beautiful young bride, dressed in the most resplendant heavy silk lehenga, the match of a maroon lipstick you can imagine. She was truly a vision. I couldn't believe it was me in all that satin finery. When I turned, she turned, when I moved my hand, she moved her hand. "Oh my!" I thought, it really was me! So thorough was my transformation that there was now no trace at all of the young man I once was. I was now a beautiful young girl, a virginal bride about to be given to a strong man in matrimony. I gasped at the thought, holding my red manicured fingers to my lips, my eyes began to well up with tears again.

I gazed through the mirror at each of the three women standing behind me. They were all smiling proudly - satisfied that their little "project" was a success.

"Now Seema," my mother said. "I know those are tears of joy, but please try to control yourself. You'll ruin your makeup, sweetie." Then looking at her watch she gasped. "Oh my. Look at the time, ladies." she exclaimed. "The bridal party is probably gathering in the vestibule, we need to take our places!"

Then turning to me, she gave me a light kiss on the cheek and said, "Well, this is it honey! Your big moment! I know you and Anil will make a great couple and that you will make him a wonderful wife. By the way, I packed your trousseau with all the sexy lingerie and outfits you'll need for your honeymoon and sent it ahead to your hotel. I'm sure you'll swoon over the items I picked out for you. And I KNOW Anil will be driven wild with lust when he feasts his eyes on you in your sexy lingerie!" she smiled.

"Now be sure to use that sexy feminine voice you were trained with when you say your vows and be sure to say "I do" with enthusiasm, dear. Nice and loud so we can all hear, OK?" she looked up at my downcast face and smiled. "OK, dear?" she said again. "Yes, mother." I quietly replied.

"Good". She then reached above and behind me and lowered the blusher over my face. Everything had an almost surrelistic white hue to it as I gazed through the sheer veil. "So this is what it's like." I thought. Mother then handed me my bridal bouquet. It was an arrangement of orchids and babys breath with a spritz of heather thrown in. Two long white satin ribbons hung down from the bouquet. It's fragrance mixed with my own perfume and sent my nose into overload.

They then led me out and down the long corridor to the pandal. I could hear the faint sound of the prelude music playing Babul ki duaayein leti jaa. But there was no real joy here. Only fear and humiliation. I could feel the heavy satin material of the lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick hugging my slim torso as we walked. The clicking of my high heels on the wooden floor echoed in my ears. The sounds and feelings of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick rustling and caressing my smooth legs reinforced the image in my mind of what I am now. A girl. A bride. Soon to become a woman. "Oh dear!" I thought.

I stumbled slightly at the thought of my wedding night. I clutched my mothers arm for support. She paused. "All right, dear?" she asked. I just looked at her, swallowed and nodded, and we continued. My mind continued to wander to all the images and descriptions that the brochure had. Me, under a man. Being taken like a woman. Being fucked hard with my legs either up in the air or my body bent over a chair. Being filled up with another man's cock and impregnated with his warm seed. I wondered how it would be. I began to get dizzy again. "I can't do this!" I screamed in my brain. "I'm not a girl, I'm a guy! Won't anyone please listen?"

We turned a corner and arrived at one end of the vestibule. Mother went behind me and I felt her tugging gently at the large satin bow resting on my behind as she undid the bustle and let the train of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick fall loose. After spreading and fluffing it a little, she said "Now dear, be careful how you walk, your train is quite long." I just stood there staring at the garland in my hands. "Yes, mother." I replied.

Part II: The Ceremony

Mother told me to wait there as she went to greet the guests. I looked further to see all the guests. Relatives I hadn't seen in years had come to wish me well. I wondered if they would even recognize me. I saw several bridesmaids talking and giggling. I recognized them as girls from my neighborhood – Mandeep and Anita, Tina and - OH MY GOD! KIRAN!! Kiran was one of my bridesmaids! No wait. Her lehenga, was similar but slightly different from the others. Oh no! That meant that she was my maid of honor!

She turned and glanced at me. Her face broke out into a huge smile. She gestured to the others to wait there as she grabbed the hem of her lehenga. I just stood there in my total humiliation.

"Seema! Seema, dear!" she exclaimed as she got closer. Taking my hand she kissed my cheek through the veil and smiled. "Seema, you look absolutely stunning!" she said as she backed up a bit to look me over in my heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick. "What a simply beautiful heavy silk lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, sweetness!" she continued. Then, looking closer at my face, she exclaimed, "Your eyes! They're blue! Sooo pretty! And what lovely black hair too!" she gushed as her fingers played with my curls. "Oohh, and a pretty borders for a pretty princess. You're quite a dish, Seema." she chuckled. Then looking at my chest she exclaimed, "Oooh, what cute little titties, dear. Are they real?" I nodded shyly and whispered "Yes, Kiran."

"And would you look at that tiny little waist! Wow!" she said as she ran her hands along my slim satin covered sides to just below my breasts. "My, but Anil will love wrapping his strong hands around that while he pounds your cute little bottom, dearie." she smiled. I was shocked to hear that. "Aww, but look. Sweet little Seema is scared.

Don't worry princess, I'm sure he'll be gentle with you."

She paused a moment, then continued. "How does it feel, Seema? Hmm? I mean, how does it feel to be the bride? To be turned out and prettied up in the most feminine of lehenga, the match of your maroon lipsticks a girl could wear? Are you enjoying it? Are you turned on? Come on, you can tell me. After all, it's just us 'girls' here." she snickered. "You know, it never would have worked between us. I mean, what with you and your 'small endowment', and always reading those queer stories on that web site. This is truly for the best. I mean, you do make a beautiful bride and a lovely girl too! Anil will be very happy and I just KNOW that you'll do your part to keep him satisfied, dearie. I hear that he is huge and well hung, too. I hope you're ready for him, princess." she taunAnil.

"Kiran!" I said, looking at her with pleading eyes. "Please help me! Take me away from here, now?!? Let's run off somewhere together. This isn't what I wanted."

"Oh, but I thought this IS what you wanted, sweetie! To be dressed as a pretty girl, just like in those stories you read. To be turned out in the most feminine clothing. To wear makeup and do your hair in sexy feminine styles. To be hit on by men, and maybe even bed one, hmm? Feel his long, hard cock penetrating your very being, splitting you in two, thrusting in and out of you as little by little you begin to become the woman you've only dreamed of? To be filled with his sperm and even bear his children? Isn't that what you wanted, SEEMA!?!"

"Well, thanks to the new Virility Law, we are able to find you your perfect place - beside a strong, virile man as his WIFE! And what a perfect way to send you off into your new life. A wedding! With you, not just dressed as any girl. No, but a beautiful, feminine, virginally white blushing bride for all the world to see! You should be happy, all turned out in the most feminine of bridal lingerie and heavy silk lehenga, the match of your maroon lipsticks." She paused for a moment, then continued.

"And exactly what do you mean, 'take you away'?" she continued. "To where? To do what? I'm not a lesbian, you know. Besides, I'm engaged to be married, see?" and she flashed me her ring. It had to be at least 2 carats. "I wanted to show you this. Neeraj Mahajan proposed to me just last week." Then, getting back to her taunting subject, she continued. "Listen sweetheart, you better get used to being a girl because after tonight, that's exactly what you'll be - forever!"

"Oh and one more thing, that ankle bracelet I loaned you? Well you can keep it, dear. And when Anil has you on your back with your pretty smooth legs up in the air, plunging his manhood deep into you, at the moment he cums inside of you and impregnates you with his seed - at that very moment - I want you to open your eyes wide and see that bracelet around your ankle and think of me as his warm spunk fills your little tummy. OK, princess?" I was dumbstruck.

Suddenly her demeanor changed as she smiled and waved over to the other brides maids. "Girls! Come and say hi to Seema!" Mandeep, Anita and Tina all came scurrying over and began squealing and fussing with my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick. "And guess what, girls?" Kiran perked up. "My newest best friend Seema here has agreed to be my Matron of Honor when I marry Nick! Isn't that marvelous?" I just stared at them, my lipsticked mouth open. Kiran lifted my veil and they each kissed me on the cheek. The music then changed from the prelude music to the processional, something by Pach label. That was the signal for the bridal party to line up at the door to the pandal.

"This is it, Seema!" Kiran said as she fluffed my veil over my face. "Your moment! Oh, and don't worry about your train. As your Maid of Honor, it's my job to make sure it's all fluffed and pretty for the pictures. Let's go." I lifted my skirt and petticoat as I was led to the end of the line. On cue, the bridesmaids began to proceed down the aisle, each one greeted by a groomsman as they entered and escorted to the front of the pandal. My jitters grew stronger as each one left and I knew my turn was quickly approaching. Kiran looked at me and knew immediately what was happening.

"It's ok Seema," Kiran whispered. "Every bride gets the jitters on her wedding day. It's perfectly natural." I smiled faintly and nodded. Her turn to walk down the aisle came. "Well, here we go!" she smiled at me.

After she reached the front, the music stopped. Then the familiar strains of the Wedding March began and it was my turn to go. I began tentatively, trying to remember how it was they taught me to walk - in those halting steps that every bride uses. I clutched my bouquet firmly in front of me as I began my walk down the aisle. My lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick billowed and swayed in front of me with each halting step as the petticoat I wore rustled loudly in my ear, almost drowning out the organ music.

All my senses were in overdrive. I could feel the long cathedral train pulling gently at the small of my back. I felt the garters of my panty tugging on the lacy tops of my smooth skin as I tottered on my high heels. The feel of my satin panties sliding against the smooth petticoat. My little clittie was strained inside my panties and my derriere was beginning to lubricate again. "Why does it keep doing that?" I wondered. Looking down, I noticed my new breasts rising and falling, lifted and supported by my constricting bridal panty. If my breathing was labored before, it's almost rapid fire now.

I barely noticed the flashes as the photographer snapped off one picture after another. "My humiliation will be well documented," I thought. "How did I let this happen? Could I have been a better boyfriend to Kiran and son to my mother? I always thought that one day I'd be married, but as the groom, not the bride! Now here I am, all dressed in bridal lingerie, a white satin and lace lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick, borders and veil, walking down the aisle to be wed to a man! Oh dear, how could this be!" I thought. "And my bottom is still lubricating. Why!"

As I walked, I tried to smile for our guests - and the cameras - to project an image of the happy, blushing bride for all to see. I glanced from side to side through the sheer gossamer of my veil. Everyone was standing and turned to look at me as I passed. Me - the Bride! The women were mostly smiling, exchanging hushed comments like, "So beautiful!", "What a gorgeous lehenga, the match of her maroon lipstick!" and "She's positively radiant!". The men, on the other hand either shook their heads or looked away, disbelieving that this beautiful girl - this Bride, was once a young man.

Focusing my attention towards the front, I saw the bridal party gathered at the pandal, facing me and smiling as I approached. Kiran and the other Bridesmaids were on the left, the Groomsmen on the right. And there HE was, directly ahead. The Groom, my Husband-to-be, Anil. He smiled broadly as he watched his bride - me - walk towards him and their new lives together. I was scared to death! He was so tall and strong. Even as a man, I would never measure up. But he thought I was perfect as a woman - HIS woman!

"Oh my! This is too much!" I thought. Looking up again I saw another sight that shocked me. The Best Man! It's - no, it couldn't be! It was Neeraj Mahajan! That meant that he was Kiran's escort as well. My spirit finally broke. "It was all set up," I thought. "It's now complete. Kiran's future husband standing up for my future husband. It was all a grand plan." I concluded. But now I was trapped. I had nowhere else to go. I was to be Anil's wife - Mrs. Anil Mishra

Snapping back to reality, I found myself only feet from the pandal. Stepping up, I turned to my left and handed my bouquet to Kiran. Then turning to face my future husband, I took his hands in mine. "How did I know these movements?" I wondered. Looking up at him through my veil, I smiled. "Why?" I thought. I felt some gentle tugging behind me as Tiffany and Annette arranged my train into a large display of satin and lace cascading over the pandal steps and down the aisle. I smiled again. "I was truly a beautiful bride." I thought. "What?!?"

It was becoming clear to me. All thise "vitamins" and shots I've been getting. And the soft music that mother insisted I listened to while going to sleep. I was being conditioned. Re-programmed to act as a girl despite what I was thinking in my mind! It was all part of the plan. My male mind would scream NO! But my newly placed feminine side would answer YES! That might also explain the constant state of lubrication that my rear was in. But for what? "Oohh!" I thought as it finally hit me.

The preacher was speaking, but I wasn't paying much attention. I was too busy staring dreamily through my veil into my new husbands eyes. "Wow, what a hunk I've landed." I thought [What?!?] "I cant wait to feel his hot cock thrusting inside of me." [What?!?]

"Do you, Seema Dwiwedi take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

I heard myself speak in my new feminine voice, "I do."

[No, I Don't!!]

Do you promise to love him, honor him, and cherish him? In good times and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all other men, so long as you both shall live?" "Yes, I do." I beamed. [NO! I Don't!! Can't anyone hear me?!?]

Then, turning to my groom, the preacher continued: Do you, Anil Mishra take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?

"I do." he said.

[No you don't! I'm a man not a girl! I can't marry you! I screamed in my head.] Do you promise to love her, honor her, and cherish her? In good times and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all other women, so long as you both shall live?" "Yes, I do." he repeated. [Oh my gosh! It really IS happening, I'm really marrying him!]

"Now Anil, take this ring, and gently slip it on the third finger of your bride's left hand, and repeat after me: "With this ring, do I thee wed." Anil looked deeply into my eyes and repeated, "With this ring, do I thee wed." I watched as Anil slipped the ring onto my finger and settled it next to my diamond solitaire engagement ring.

[No, no - please don't do this]

Turning to me, the preacher instructed: "Seema, take this ring and slip it onto the third finger of your groom's left hand and repeat after me: 'With this ring do I thee wed.'" I looked deeply into my husband's eyes, almost fainting from all the anxiety of the situation. I didn't want to, but somehow in my soft feminine voice, I repeated the preacher's words;

"With this ring, do I thee wed." and slipped the ring snugly onto his finger.

"Good." the preacher smiled. Then, turning to the congregation, he announced "If anyone here knows of any reason why this man and this woman should not be wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

["YES! YES! I DO!" I screamed in my head. "I'm a MAN - A MAN! Not a woman! I can't be married to him! I can't be his wife! Oh, please! Can't anyone hear me?!?"]

"Fine, then by the power vested in me by this state, I now pronounce you 'Husband and Wife!'" he smiled and looked at us. Turning toward Anil, he said, "You may now kiss your bride."

[No! No! Please, no kisses! I can't kiss another man! I'm not a girl!]

I turned towards my husband and he towards me. I stared into his deep brown eyes as he gently lifted my veil. Then, with one finger under my chin, he tilted my head up. "Oh no, this is it." I thought. "The kiss". I closed my eyes, and braced myself, anticipating the feel of his lips against mine. It wasn't long in coming. But first I heard him whisper "I love you, Seema." I almost melted when I heard that. Then, holding my slim waist he pulled me close to him and kissed me deeply. His lips were soft and luscious. They partd and our tounges entwined.

I found myself sliding my arms around his neck and, gently caressing his hair I began to kiss him back! Melting into his strong arms, I couldn't believe I was doing this! Kissing another man! But it seemed so natural. And despite my male repulsion, the female psyche that was implantd in me was in control at the moment. My knees grew weak and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy. Oh My! I was turning him on! Me! And my derriere was positively dripping wet! I grew scared again because of what that meant.

It seemed like we were locked together for hours, but in an instant it was over.

I just stood there knees wobbling, staring at him, trying to regain my composure. "Wow! What a kiss!" I thought. [What?!?] Then I said something that, looking back was a pivotal point that would change my life forever. I looked up into his eyes again and in the sweetest, softest, most feminine voice I had, I said "I love you too, Anil."

[Oh No! Was that me?!?]

Turning to the congregation, I smoothed out my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick as my attendants fixed my train behind me. Kiran handed me my bridal bouquet and kissed me on the cheek. Then the preacher announced "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Anil Mishra!"

Everyone applauded and I actually found myself smiling! Then, taking my small hand in his, Anil quickly ushered us back down the aisle to the pandal's vestibule. We were about to exit out onto the church steps when Anil turned to me and in a deep, loving voice said "You're a sissy, Seema." Suddenly I felt another shift. My feminine side retreated back and my masculine side emerged.

"Welcome back, Seema." Anil whispered to me. I just stared up at him blankly. "Yes you were there, you saw and felt everything that happened. But your alter personna was doing the driving. 'Seema' is a very sexy woman and personally I can't wait to get you and her both in bed." He leered. "But for now, I wanted you to be aware of what was happening as you become a real woman." He paused a moment then reached into his tuxedo and pulled out an envelope with the name "Seema" on it. "Here, this will explain everything." he said and handed me the envelope. "It's from your mother. She wanted me to give this to you. It's a bit lengthy, so you may want to read it over in the ensuite."

Meanwhile, the guests started emerging from the pandal and filing onto the sidewalk outside to throw the birdseed at us. Looking at them, I hesitated for a moment. Anil took me by the shoulders and gently kissed me on the forehead. "Go ahead, 'darling', I'll keep them occupied."

"Darling?!?" I thought. "I'm a guy - in a heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick!" Somewhat repulsed by that gesture, I simply nodded lifted the satin skirts of my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick and turned to go into the side room to read my mothers note. I opened the envelope and there was a beautiful wedding card that said "To My Daughter On Her Wedding Day." "I was her son once." I thought to myself. There was the usual sentimental poem that I briefly read. Then, I opened the note written on her personal stationary.

It read:

My Dearest Seema:

I'm so proud of my little girl on her wedding day! You're turning into such a beautiful young woman. And you look so lovely in your heavy silk lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick! You and Anil make such a handsome couple too! Before the two of you head off into wedded bliss, I wanted to let you know of some important changes you'll be feeling, (if you haven't felt them already).

As you may have guessed, the vitamins and prescriptions that Dr. Schwartz gave you are actually heavy doses of female hormones. The shots are quite permanent, and your boyish body is already showing many feminine traits that cannot be reversed. You will be experiencing sudden mood swings (much like women do during their cycles) as your body transforms from male to female.

At your re-conditioning sessions, Dr. Schwartz gave you several post-hypnotic commands. These were reinforced by the music that we piped into your room at night. Now - read this very carefully and understand it: Whenever you hear the phrase "I love you, Seema", the feminine personality that Dr. Schwartz enhanced inside of you will dominate. Although "Seema" will be fully aware of everything that is happening, Seema will respond to stimulus just like any woman would. She'll act like, talk like and have feelings like any other woman. She'll enjoy wearing pretty clothes, makeup, and looking and feeling feminine at all times. And it will all feel perfectly natural. You, as Seema, will merely be an inside observer at this point. You'll experience her feelings also - along with some humiliation as well - but you'll be totally powerless to stop any of it.

Now, when you hear the phrase "You're a sissy, Seema", she will go dormant and Seema the boy will be dominant. These phrases will only work when I or your new husband say them - no one else. Either way though, Seema feels everything! This was done to facilitate your conditioning for your new female role in life. As time goes on, and you become more and more accepting and comfortable with your life as a girl, these commands will fade and "Seema" will again be dominant, but completely comfortable as a woman - as Seema - all the time.

Until then, Anil can turn you on and off - so to speak - at his will. He can make love to you with either personality dominant. It will either be total humiliation or total bliss for you - it's Anils call on that one. Now, as you saw in the brochure, your conditioning dictates that you be "taken" as a male sissy as often as needed to expel all your male feelings and get you feeling more feminine, so some humiliation on your part will be necessary. This will happen over and over until you naturally begin to become Seema without post-hypnotic commands. In this regard honey, it's your call. It's up to you how fast you can begin to adjust.

Which brings me to your little bottom, dear. You may have noticed your derriere becoming very moist lately. As the brochure indicated, it has been conditioned to self-lubricate whenever you are sexually aroused - as either personality. Much like a woman's vagina gets wet when she's aroused by her lover, your little bottom is readying itself for penetration. Obviously, this will allow your derriere to accomodate Anil's rather large manhood more easily when you two lovebirds consummate your marriage. (we wouldn't want him tearing you in two). In time, your body will become totally physically female - including a new vagina - and Anil can make love to you like a real woman (instead of that other painful way). And, you will be able to bear his children! Isn't that exciting, dear?

Darling, you will learn to love your new feminine life. It's my sincere hope that your mind develops along with your body. That you will become a girl mentally and emotionally, because whether you like it or not, you will become a girl physically.

I'm so proud and happy for you, Seema. Enjoy your honeymoon with your new husband and your future as a woman!



I was dumbstruck! I sat there for some time, staring blankly at her letter. Trying to let the meaning of what she wrote sink in. "That's it" I thought, as I shook my head in disbelief. "I'm firmly on my way to being a woman! I can't believe this is happening to me!" I didn't know whether to be angry or to cry. My eyes began to well up none the less and I dabbed them with some tissue nearby. Laughing to myself, I thought "OK Seema, that's enough of that. You'll ruin your makeup, you know. Sniffling I thought, "I guess Seema's emotions are starting to overtake mine." I Looked in the mirror across the room, and saw a beautiful bride looking radiant in her lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick. Perfect face and hair. sweet lips. The transformation so complete, I still couldn't believe it was me. "I DO make a lovely bride, though." I thought. Then I sighed. "I guess I'd better get on with this marriage." [What am I thinking?]

There was a knock at the door followed by a woman's voice.

"Seema? Seema sweetie, are you OK?" It was Kiran. "Yes...umm, coming, Kiran." I replied in my 'Seema' voice as I folded the note and went to unlock the door.

"Seema, all the guests are waiting for you two! Shake a leg there, girl!" she smiled. Then, looking closer at me, she said "Hey, have you been crying, dear?" Still sniffling, I smiled and nooded. "Yeah, silly, huh?" "Not really - not for a beautiful bride on her wedding day, sweetie. Now, let's get over to the reception darling, before the food gets cold." "She's actually treating me civilly, like one of the girls." I thought.

We returned to the vestibule where my mother, aunts and the rest of our bridal party were waiting. Everyone was concerned about me, but I told them I was OK. I glanced outside and was shocked at what I saw. Waiting at the curb for my husband and I was a huge white horse-drawn carriage ready to take us from the pandal to the reception. It was decorated in colored streamers with tin cans tied to the back and a sign that read "Just Married". "Oh, how quaint." I thought. "And romantic too!" I thought again. [Seema? was that you?]

Now, we live in a small town and it's a straight shot through the middle on Main Street to get to the country club. And since there was an announcement in the paper, everyone in town knows of what fate has for Seema. That HE is on his way to being a SHE and that HE will be coming through town in an open carriage dressed as a bride accompanied by her new husband. And everyone who wasn't invited will still be able to see me in my heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick as we pass through. "Oh dear, will there be no end to my humiliation?" I thought.

My Thoughts were broken by my mother.

"Well, listen sweetie," she said, "Before you can go out there, we're going to have to get your train all bustled up, so hold still." I felt the now familiar tugging at my rear as my mother concealed the train within the big floppy satin bow now adorning my lower back.

The bridal party lined up in front, and Anil took my side. After the others left, Anil looked at me. "Well, Seema - and that's the last time I'll ever call you that - I don't believe you have got the hang of being feminine enough yet. So for the sake of 'Good Pictures', I'm going to ask your 'other half' to accompany me. I hope you don't mind? It's just until we get to our hotel room, then you will be back." I looked at him in wonder and slowly shook my head "no" ["No, I don't mind?" or "No, please don't do this?"] "Good." he said. "Just remember always, I love you Seema."

I suddenly found myself staring up at him and smiling lovingly.

"And I love you too, Anil!" I said. [Oh no! not again!]

"Shall we, darling?" He said as he took my hand.

"Yes, dear." I giggled.

We ran out the door and down the steps into a myriad of people flinging birdseed at us and cameras going off. I grabbed my skirts and petticoat as Anil helped me up into the carriage. The driver kicked the reins and we were off to our party. It was a slow, and one might say, romantic ride through the quaint town where we live. Along the way, townspeople were looking and pointing at the Bride and Groom. Seema didn't seem to mind, but I was feeling really embarrassed.

Arriving at the country club, several valets gathered to assist me as I climbed down from the carriage. After smoothing and fluffing my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, Anil took my hand and we went in. The photographer was there and quickly escorted us to a side studio for pictures. My mother, aunts and the rest of the bridal party were already there. He took the usual group pictures and couples. There were several with me sitting on the floor holding my bouquet, my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick stretched out all around me. I looked like a doll emerging from a sea of ivory satin and lace. Seema was all too cooperative in striking her feminine poses, despite what Seema felt.

After we were all introduced by the DJ, it was time for the first dance. Anil grabbed me and held me tightly to him. I could feel his huge cock rubbing against my tummy again. He noticed that I noticed, and he whispered in my ear:

"That's your's, baby. It's all for you - later." "Mmmmmm" I sighed, my rear started lubricating again at the thought. I was getting sick, but Seema was really loving it. I gazed up dreamily at my new husband as he led me across the floor. After awhile I slinked my hands up and around his shoulders and began caressing the back of his neck as I laid my veiled head on his massive chest and sighed. Seema leaned in even closer and held onto him harder in order to feel his throbbing manhood. If it were any faster it would be dirty dancing, but to the guests, it simply looked like a touching moment between husband and wife. Seema was indeed driving. Cameras and flashes were going off everywhere. Then, as fast as it began, the song ended. We stopped and kissed - long and sensually. My goodness, what's happening to me.

Before dinner was served, Nick - our best man - gave the toast:

"To Anil and Seema. Anil, buddy, you got yourself a real fox there, don't ever let her loose or who knows what'll happen. Anyway, may you both have a long, fruitful life together, and lots and lots of children." he smiled. I blushed.

During dinner there were numerous times when some of the guests would start banging their glasses and Anil and I would have to stop what we were doing and kiss [Yecch!]. Seema loved it, but Seema wished that they would stop that. Later we fed each other cake, and didn't smear it. In fact, Anil was quite loving and considerate as he fed me.

I don't know how much time went by - it all seemed to be a blur, until I heard Anils voice whisper "You're a sissy, Seema." Suddenly I was more aware of what was going on. There I was sitting on a chair in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone was gathered around me and watched as I held my satin skirt and petticoats up. Anil was kneeling before me with his hands up my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick! I could feel them slide slowly up my smooth legs.

"Oh my!" I thought, "he was reaching for my blue garter!"

He was looking up and leering at me. "Enjoying this, Seema?" he sneered. "You ought to be. All girls love it when their man feels them up." he smiled. I knew that he knew that Seema was back. He did this on purpose. His hands kept sliding up my leg and I was getting scared that he wouldn't stop at my garter, but go all the way up to feel my sissy-clit now straining inside my little satin panties. All with people watching and cameras flashing to record the event.

Thankfully, Anil stopped when he found the garter. Then, with the DJ playing stripper music, Anil slowly and sensually began sliding the garter down, running his hand along my silky leg as he did, until it emerged from beneath my skirts. He waved it around triumphantly. I looked around shyly, my ass fully wet again, feeling totally embarrassed, but everyone seemed to enjoy the moment. His mission completed, Anil leaned over and whispered "There will be more of that at our hotel, dear." I shuddered and looked at him, frightened. I then watched as all of the eligible batchelors gathered to catch the garter.

When he tossed it, it was Neeraj Mahajan who caught it. "That figures." I poutedl.

Anil came back, gave me a peck on the lip and said "I love you, Seema."

A shift. I closed my eyes, with my head tilted back and smiled.

"MMmmmm, I love you too Anil honey." I replied sweetly. "That's my girl." he said as he helped me out of the chair. I stood up, smoothed and fluffed out the satin skirts of my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick. then, turning around, Anil handed me my bouquet.

"Time to throw the bouquet, dear." he said.

"OK" I said as I lifted my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick and walked up a large, curved starway. I stopped halfway up and turned around in order to throw it over my shoulder. All the single girls were giggling as they gathered below. When the photographer cued me I tossed my bouquet as hard as I could then turned to see who caught it.

"Marvelous!" I thought. "My dear friend Kiran caught it! And she's marrying Nick! How wonderful!" [What?!?] Outside, Seema was excited that they both got the garter and bouquet, but inside, Seema was in anguish. Once again, crushed. It was to be one of many such crushing experiences that would bring Seema out more permanently.

I lifted the skirt of my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick and, holding the bannister, carefully descended the stairway. Kiran met me at the bottom and gave me a big hug. "Oh thank you, Seema! This means a lot to me!" she cried. "Why, you're welcome, sweetie." I smiled and gave her a kiss - like two best girlfriends. "Anything for the future Mrs. Mason!" I exclaimed. [What?!?] She hugged me tightly and we both began crying. I felt so, so - girlish! And it felt so natural.

"You're the best, Seema." she said. "I think I love you more now than when Seema was here." she whispered as we hugged. She then looked into my eyes and said; "I don't mean to sound crude, dear, but I really do hope that Anil makes wild, unbridaled, passionate love to the two of you tonight! I want my best girlfriend Seema to be around always!" she smiled.

Crushed again, Seema screamed inward "What was happening to me! She was my girlfriend!" Seema smiled and replied, "MMmm, me too!" [What?!?]

We returned to the reception. By now, everyone was dancing and having fun. Anil and Nick saw us and came over.

"Darling!" Anil exclaimed. "Where have you two been?" "Kiran and I were talking, dear." I said as I gazed over at her. "Really, sometimes men can be so insecure." I joked. We all laughed then the men escortedl us out onto the dance floor. Everyone seemed to have a good time, then it was over.

Part III: The Wedding Night

There was a limo waiting for us this time, to take us to our hotel. I hugged Kiran, my mother and aunts, and the rest of our party members that stuck around. I was gathering the skirts of my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick in order to get into the limo when Anil stopped me.

I looked up at him and asked "Yes, dear?"

He whispered, "You're a sissy, Seema."

A shift. He saw my expression change from loving to scared. He gestured for me to finish getting in the car, and with some maneuvering of my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, I was seated, still fumbling with my veil. Anil got in next to me and closed the door. "Smile and wave goodbye to everyone, dear." he said as the limo pulled away.

After a few moments of riding in silence, Anil spoke.

"Well, Seema. Looks like it's just you and me now. Are you ready?" Looking down, I nodded slowly. I looked up at him and in my feminine voice said, "My rear is good and lubed for you, if that's what you mean Anil." "You know I have to do this this way, right dear?"

I nodded again. "But - couldn't you make Seema come back for this? She may enjoy it more." I pleaded.

He stared out the window. "Maybe."

Then he pulled a brochure from his vest pocket. I recognized it as that vile brochure "The Sissy Bride: What To Expect On Your Wedding Night". "According to this," he said, "You have to be totally aware of what's happening to you as a boy in order to make you a better woman." He handed it to me. "You may want to look it over again, Seema."

He paused, then looked at me as I scanned the pages. "I'm a very powerful and important man, Seema. And I need the perfect wife to be at my side. One who loves me and compliments me. One who knows my needs, obeys me and above all, satisfies my every desire. YOU, Seema, are that girl!"

I looked up at him - into his strong face.

"But I'm NOT A GIRL, Anil! I'm a guy! Dressed in a heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick!" I said as I fluffed up the satin dress. Then I threw my hands up in the air, looking for all the world like a petulant girl.

"Why can't anyone understand that?!?" I shouted.

Anil chuckled and shook his head.

"Noooo, Seema. You're nothing more than a SISSY. A little SISSY that likes to play dress-up in girl's clothes. Tell me," he said as he rubbed my satin lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick, "How does it feel, hmmm? What's it like to be dressed in the most feminine of dresses and lingerie, with a borders and veil over your beautifully styled hair? Your face made up like a models and those long red nails on your fingers?"

He took my hand and looked at it, then back at me.

"Tell me, Seema, was this your lifelong dream?" he said gesturing around the limo. "To be a blushing young bride married to a handsome groom? A sweet fairy princess swept up by her prince charming? Was today everything that your sissy desires imagined?"

His tone was not exactly kind. I looked at him. I was on the verge of tears, trembling with fear and humiliation. I pulled my hand from his and just stared down at my dress. Rubbing my aching tummy through the satin and beads of my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, I shook my head again.

"No, Anil. This is certainly nothing like what I wanted." I said softly.

I shifted slightly, feeling my satin panties sliding against my slip.

"Well sweetness," he said, "it's what you're getting. Look, I saw your image projections. I think that YOU will become one of the most beautiful women around these parts once you're complete. And I intend to help you in that direction." I didn't know whether to be flattered or just sick at that comment.

He continued, "You're feelings of humiliation are simply part of the process.

In time they will fade as you adjust to your new life."

He gently tilted my face toward his and looked deeply into my eyes. "You Seema, are now my wife. And I intend to make you into the most perfect woman, wife and mother that I can." His tone got harder. "And if that means reaming that pretty little ass of yours from now until the next millenium, then that's what I'll do until you decide to stop resisting. Need I remind you that it's the law? You will be obedient."

I stared wide-eyed at him, then turned to stare out the window, contemplating my fate. Frightened and trembling.

The rest of the ride was made in silence. I occaisionally looked at the brochure again, trembling over the scenes it depicted and wondering what it was going to feel like to be fucked like a young girl by a man. My mind started reeling.

"Oh dear, this is NOT what I wanted. It was just a simple little fetish. I'd try on a few of my mother's undies. Maybe put on a slip and petticoats. Soon, I was wearing her dresses and heels. Sometimes I would wear makeup. I might cum in my panties now and then, but I meant no harm to anyone. Now here I am, pumped full of female hormones, breasts growing, looking more like a girl than ever before, dressed as a Bride and married to a man! I'm about to be deflowered - to be filled with his hard cock and warm seed! Oh my!" I was shaking like a leaf and near tears. I looked up at Anil.

He was a big, strapping young man. The masculine part of me was repulsed, but my emerging feminine side was finding him very attractive! Despite those conflicting feelings, my ass was very moist with anticipation. Anil noticed me looking at him and said, "Seema, I'm really not a mean guy."

Taking my hand again, he continued, "Give me a chance to show you, hmm?"

I smiled slightly and nodded.

Our limo pulled up to the hotel portico. It was an old plantation house. I think it daAnil back to before the Civil War, when Southern Belles would wear their large hoop dresses. Anil got out of the limo first, went around to open my door and reached in to help me out. After fussing with my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick and petticoat, I took his hand & emerged from the car.

Looking around I noticed everyone was looking at us and smiling. Not wanting to endure more humiliation, I whispered to Anil, "Can Seema come out now - dear? Please?"

"Why, Seema IS out darling. Isn't she?" he replied. "No she's not." I thought. But I knew what he meant. I was to stay like this, probably for the rest of the night. Lifting my skirts again, I folded my arm in Anil's as she escorted me up to the Bridal Suite.

Anil unlocked and opened the double doors. I was about to enter when he scooped me up in his arms - my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick rustling loudly - and carried me "over the threshold." I let out a girlish squeal [huh?!] as I reached my arms around his neck and held on. He kissed me on my lips then gently set me down. Legs wobbling, I smoothed and fluffed my satin skirts again. I don't know why I was so obsessed with this, and then it occurred to me. Mother's note said that Seema likes to look as pretty and feminine as possible. "I guess her personality is starting to meld with mine." I thought. "Wait here." Anil instrucAnil as he checked out the suite. Returning, he said, "I'm sorry dear, but I have to check on something. I'll be back as fast as I can, I promise."

He kissed me on the cheek and left down the hall.

"Take your time." I said to myself as I gazed around the room.

Gathering my skirts, I turned and began exploring the room, the rustling and swishing noises of my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick again permeating my ears. The suite was beautifully appointed, decorated in a French Provincial style. The bedroom featured a large four poster canopy bed in lace & frills. (My feminine side thought "How romantic!" My masculine side wondered if I would be tied to the posts while deflowered). A lace vanity & seat occupied one side of the room, stocked completely with perfume, makeup and facial products. A wardrobe chest was on the other side. A large walk-in closet was off the entrance. The large master bath had a huge heart-shaped jacuzzi tub, perfumed bath pellets filled the air. Back in the sitting room there was a TV (who would have time?), sofa, chesterfield & a bar with a bottle of champagne chilling. Looking closer, I saw that it was Dom Perignone!

"Wow, this guy really knows how to impress a girl!" I thought.

[What?!? Seema?!]

French doors to one side opened onto a large balcony that had a gorgeous view of the valley.

Going back into the bedroom, I went to the wardrobe. Half hoping to find some of my male clothes there, I began opening drawers. My heart sank. The top drawer was filled with sexy, lacy panties in different colors and styles. They were nylon, silk, satin, and all lace; g-strings, french cut, thongs and bikini styles. Next to those were the matching bras - again all very feminine, and very frilly. Opening the next drawer I found my daywear: sarees.

"Mother was very thorough." I murmured.

Another drawer contained my hosiery: in different colors, as well as lacy satin petticoats

I opened a third drawer. It was filled with foundation items; pantys, bustiers, made from satin and drenched in lace. "Mother must have emptied out Varansi streets! She really wanted me to feel as girly as possible." I thought.

Closing the drawer, I turned and went towards the closet. My eyes grew wide as I looked inside. Dresses, skirts, tops, eveningwear and formal lehenga, sarees etc.

"Every dress for every occasion." I thought.

Numerous pairs of shoes lined the floor - all high heels. Pumps, mules, sandals and sling-backs. There was a style to coordinate with every dress. I turned around to look at the other side, and there hung a full rack - of menswear! No doubt they were Anil's.

"Yes!" I thought. "There's my chance!"

I looked closer at the slacks, shirts & sport coats. They would be a little large on me, but it's better than nothing.

I reached around my neck to undo the choli of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick. I grabbed something and tugged, but nothing happened - it wouldn't budge. Grimacing, I reached around my back and felt the big satin bow on my bottom. I felt several nubs and realized that along with the strings, with my back open. I had been buttoned into my heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick! After struggling for a few minutes, I sighed and gave up. "I'm trapped in this lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick!" I thought. "Looks like I'll need someone to undo it for me."

Feeling forlorn, I started back to the living room. Along the way I passed a large floor-to-ceiling mirror.

There she was - The Bride. Seema. Me. She WAS truly a vision. "Hmm," I thought as I studied her. I turned to the left, then the right. I turned my back to the mirror, then looked coyly over my shoulder and smiled. "She is, I mean - I am a beautiful bride," I thought. I turned to face the mirror, and in my most feminine voice said, "Hello, Seema. You ARE a foxy girl!" I giggled, swaying in my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick. A male voice chimed in. "Yes, you are!"

I jumped, startled by the sudden intrusion. I turned to see Anil standing in the doorway, smiling.

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked.

"Long enough, dear." he smiled.

"You REALLY are a sissy, Seema." he continued.

"You enjoy feeling feminine, wearing feminine clothes, and now apparently acting it too!"

I just stared into his eyes as he came closer, like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Personally, I'm glad to see you're adjusting."

"Now," he said as he took my hands in his and looked deeply into my eyes. "The moment has arrived. Time to consummate our union. To make you a woman." he said and kissed my forehead.

"Yes - dear." I whispered.

"First, a drink to relax you?" he offered.

"Yes, dear."

Trembling, I lifted my satin skirts and followed him back to the sitting room. I stood & watched as he poured the champagne. A thought suddenly came to me, and I decided to use my "Seema" voice.

"Honey," I started. "Do you love me?"

"Why, of course I do, Seema." he said, still pouring.

Fumbling with my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, I continued.

"Tell me, dear? Tell me you love me."

He chuckled and turned towards me. "Just like a woman, always insecure." I took a glass from him and, with a pleading look said, "But I need to hear you say it, dear."

He looked at me and said, "I love you, sweetheart."

"No, I mean, use my name too." I was desperate.

He smiled and nodded.

"Ahh," he said, wagging his finger at me. "I see what you're trying to do. You want your post-hypnotic self to experience this." he took a sip and set his glass down.

"Well, nice try sweetie. Now, drink your champagne."

I just looked down. My idea didn't work. I took a sip of the champagne.

"Come darling," Anil said as he took my glass and led me back into the bedroom.

"Anil, please! Please don't do this. Please? I can't Anil," I pleaded. "Now, now Seema. You know what we discussed in the limo. Now, be a good girl." he said as he positioned me near the bed.

"Well then, tell me you love me!" I cried and stomped my foot, desperately wanting him to trigger my Seema personality. But I looked more like a woman wanting some form of affirmation.

"I do, Seema. I do." he said softly and then, taking me by my slim waist, he pulled me in and kissed me deeply, sliding his tongue into my mouth. There was no shift. All I felt was his cock stiffen against my tummy and my rear starting to lubricate again.

"I'm turning him on again!" I thought.

Suddenly I found myself pulling him closer and kissing him back! What was happening?

We broke the kiss and I was staring into his eyes. I was now totally mesmerized.

"Take my shirt off," he whispered.

Slowly, as if in a spell, I fumbled a little with the studs due to my long red nails. Then opening his shirt, I let out an involuntary "Oohh" as I gazed at his sculpted chest. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders and slowly slid my hands down to rest on his firm pectorals. I looked up at him again.

He gently took my shoulders. Softly, he said,

"On your knees, princess."

"Yes, sir" I whispered.

I fluffed out my skirts and petticoat, trying to look and feel as feminine as possible, and slowly knelt before my husband. Looking up at him demurely, I awaited his next instruction.

He looked down and said, "Undo my pants."

Hands trembling, I reached his belt and unfastened it. I then unbuttoned his trousers and pulled the zipper down.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this." I thought as I slid his slacks down his legs.

"She'll be on her knees tonight!" I heard mother gleefully say this morning.

Then my eyes widened as I saw the outline of his massive cock in his underwear.

"Like it, Seema? I hear you're a good cocksucker."

Still gazing at his member, I just nodded.

"Take it out. Show me," he whispered.

Taking his shorts by the hips, I slid them down and his manhood sprung loose. I let out a gasp. I looked up at Anil then back at his cock. It was massive! Eleven inches at least, and very thick. My sissy-clit went hard in my panties and my bottom was now soaked. I looked down at the sea of satin, tulle, and lace of my heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick enveloping me, then back at the monster cock before me and thought sadly, "I guess I am a sissy." But I was scared. Lubed or not, how would I ever fit that thing inside of me?!

"Impressed? I thought you'd be." he said.

"Go on, touch it. Feel it." he ordered.

Still trembling, I wrapped my hand around his cock. It was warm and smooth.

"I never touched another man like this in my life!" I thought.

I looked up at Anil and began sliding my hand up and down his manhood.

"Like this?" I said.

"Oh yes, that's it baby girl." he sighed, caressing my veiled head. Looking back at his cock, I was shocked. My ministrations caused it to grow even larger!

"Use your other hand, baby. Feel me underneath," he said. I reached my other hand between his legs and gently cupped his balls, caressing them with my long fingernails.

"Oohhhh Yesss!" he hissed, "Now Seema, kiss it, kiss the tip." he commanded. "Oh my!" I thought, "This is it. I'll have to take him in my mouth and suck him off next."

"Now, Baby!" he ordered.

I lowered my head and gently kissed the tip of his cock, leaving a red lipstick mark. Tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum, I looked back up at him, my hand still around his cock, sliding, awaiting his next command. "That was nice. Now, wrap those pretty red lips around me and suck me," he ordered.

I looked down and slowly shook my head. I couldn't believe what I was about to do - take another man's cock in my mouth.

"Any time now, princess." Anil said.

Trembling, ass moist, my sissy-clit hard, and tears forming, I opened my mouth and in one motion swallowed as much of him as I could. I wrapped my painted lips around him and began slowly bobbing my head up and down while sliding my hand over his shaft.

"Now, I realize that your little sissy-clit is probably straining in those pretty panties of yours," Anil said, "but whatever happens you are not permitted to cum. We will keep that for later, dear. And only when I say you can, understand?"

"Mmm." I grunted as I bobbed up and down on his meat. "Good. Oohh yesss! That's it Seema." I heard Anil say as he guided my head with his hands.

I guess my training took over at that point. I began using my tongue to massage the underside of his cock. This really got him going as he grabbed my head and began moving his hips. I grabbed his thighs for balance as he began to furiously fuck my face. I was taught how to open my throat to accept even the largest of cocks during my training and that's what I did to avoid gagging on his cock as he pushed his meat deeper into my mouth. I was moaning and grunting, trying to make him stop as he pistoned in and out. But this just seemed to turn him on even more. His cock got extremely stiff in my mouth and I braced myself for what I knew was coming next.

"Ready, Seema?" Anil groaned.

"Mmph! Mmph!" I replied shaking my head "no".

"Well, I'm going to cum anyway. And I want you to be a good little girl and swallow every drop. Is that clear baby?"

"Mm Mmm." I signaled sadly.

"O-K, prin-cess. Here - It - Unnnggghhh!" he groaned. "MMMmmm! MMMmmm! I said as I tried to pull away. Anil held my veiled head firmly as load after load of warm cum began pouring down my throat. My eyes grew wide and I began swallowing. I gulped as hard and as fast as I could to keep from choking and spilling his seed, but there was so much so fast that it filled my mouth and starAnil spilling out the corners of my lips. It was warm and salty tasting. As his orgasm finally subsided, he pulled his huge cock out of my cum filled mouth. Breathing heavily, I just sat back on my heels and stared at it. Still hard, angry and dripping. Cum swirling in my mouth, I looked down to see several drops had landed on my beautiful heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick. "Oh No! My Lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick!" I cried, trying to clean it up.

"THAT was awesome, baby! You really do know how to suck cock, Seema."

Anil said, still gasping.

I just looked up at him, pouting like a girl, breasts heaving, still catching my breath. I used my index finger to wipe his residual seed from the corners of my mouth, not realizing what a little sex kitten I looked like doing it. "Oohh baby! That's good!" he said. "Now suck on your finger - slowly." I did as he ordered. Gazing up at him, I put my dainty finger in my mouth and slowly and sensually sucked it dry. [Why did I do that?!?]

"That's my girl." Anil said as he extended his hand to help me up. Knees wobbling, I tried to smooth the satin skirts of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick. I then looked up past his hard chest to his strong face. I looked into his eyes. In my most feminine voice, I asked "Satisfied, Anil dear?" I was hopeful. "Not yet, Seema. This was only part one." he replied. "There's a lot more to go, sweets."

"Oh dear, that's what I was afraid of." I thought. I looked up at my husband, "Then, will you help me out of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick first, dear?" I asked sweetly. "In time, lover." he answered as he caressed my face. "First, I want to take your virginity with you dressed just as you are - in your heavy silk lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, feeling all girly & feminine as ever while I take you. I'm going to fuck you like the sissy you are. Then later, I'm going to make love to you like the woman you will have become. I want to see Seema emerge and blossom into womanhood before my eyes." he said, and kissed my forehead. "Now, why don't you go brush your teeth and clean up a bit before we get to Part two?"

My mouth was still sticky from all the cum I had swallowed, so that sounded good to me. "Yes sir." I nodded.

In the bathroom, I rinsed my mouth of Anil's sticky cum and gargled. I stared at the bride in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. Her motions were the same as my own, once again confirming that she was me. I rinsed again and began fixing my makeup. I watched in the mirror as the bride patted her face, applied mascara to my lashes and fixed my blush. She ran a tube of red lipstick over my lips, pursed, then blotted them with a tissue. Stepping back, I just stared at her. She was perfect. Sighing, I resigned myself to my fate. I had to become a woman and his wife. It was the law. I had no other place to go. Looking closely, I wondered if Seema was in there? If she is, I wish she would come out now. Gathering the skirts of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick, I turned and went back into the bedroom.

Anil smiled as he saw me enter. "Ahh, Seema dear. Feeling better?" he asked.

I looked at him and nodded.

"Good," then leering, he said, "it's time we bring you from girlhood to womanhood. Time to get into your panties." He then gestured to the bed. "Up on the bed, Seema." he commanded.

I began recalling what that hideous brochure said.

This can be a humiliating experience for a young sissy-bride, but it is important that you show your new husband obedience. You don't want him to get rough with you, do you?

"Yes dear." I obeyed meekly. Gathering my slips and dress, I laid down on the bed on my back and positioned my head on the pillows. The petticoats of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick caused it to billow up in a sea of white satin and lace. "No, Sweetie," Anil shook his head. I looked at him, puzzled. "On all fours, dear." he said as he twirled his finger, indicating I should turn over.

You'll more than likely be positioned on the bed, with your bottom in the air. Your legs should be about shoulder width apart, though your husband will more than likely spread your legs for you.

"Oh, yes," I remembered. I let out an embarrassed smile as Anil helped me to my feet. Turning around to face the bed, I lifted the voluminous satin, lace and tulle of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick, spreading my skirts out around me. And amidst the rustling and swishing noises, I knelt up on the bed on all fours. Feeling my new breasts hanging in my panty cups, I knelt there anxiously awaiting Anil's next move. I felt the bed give as Anil, now completely naked, got on and inched closer in behind me.

"Now, let's see what we've got underneath all this feminine finery." he said. He gathered my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick and petticoat in his hands, and in a loud rustling move, threw them over my back. I felt embarrassed knowing another man was leering at my bottom like this. Then I remembered the bridal lingerie I had on underneath. I must have made an inviting sight, I thought. My smooth white satin-pantied bottom framed by my lacy white garters, holding up the lace tops of my sheer white stockings. All framed by my frothy petticoats. More of that brochure came to mind;

You'll feel a bit of embarrassment as your anus comes into his view, but curve your spine upward, making your bottom "presentable".

Leaning my head down on the pillow, I obediently curved my bottom upward so that my husband would have better access. I felt his hands caressing my smooth thighs, working their way up to feel my satin panties. He rested his hands on my silky smooth hips.

"Mmmm, you have such a nice, round ass, Seema." He commented. I clutched the pillows and began trembling again, when suddenly I felt a few sharp blows to my bottom. I yelped. Then I began to feel my ass moisten again.

He should react instinctively by putting his hands on your hips, and possibly giving your bottom a few "spanks" to put you in your place mentally. This is perfectly natural.

He gently rubbed my smooth bottom again. I felt his hands on either side, as he grabbed the lacy edges of my panties. I flinched as I felt him yank them, ripping them free of my body. The cool air hit my moist ass as I heard him say, "We won't be needing those anymore."

Then I began to feel him finger my "pussy". It was so moist that he had no problem slipping several fingers into me. And the more he played with me, the wetter I became. "Just like a woman," I thought.

He may or may not "play" with your anus, but your conditioning has assured that you'll begin to secrete moisture at this point.

I felt him lean in closer to me and spread my ass cheeks wide. The head of his huge monster was right at the opening of my anus and I braced myself as I knew he would be entering me soon.

"Oh, no!" I thought. "This can't be happening! I'm not a girl. Please don't fuck me like one! Oh dear, He'll split me in two!" I screamed in my head. "Is my bride ready?" he asked.

"No Anil!" I screamed into the pillow. "Please don't do this! Please don't.

You'll hurt me, you're too big!" I pleaded.

"I promise, Seema. I'll be gentle." he said as he mounted me.

You'll feel him "mount" you, and some sissies have reported this is the most humiliating aspect of sex for them, as it effectively robs you of any remaining maleness. Don't resist your husband at this point.

I felt him grasp my thin, satiny waist and pull me towards him. Then, with a hard thrust, he pushed, opening me up and filling me with his manhood. "Noooooo!" I screamed as my head Rani off the pillow. My eyes bulged and I began gasping as I felt his huge cock enter me.

"Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod." I thought, "he's really going inside of me!

Oh nooo! I'm being fucked like a girl!"

The head of a man's penis is designed by nature to spread a female open so that the shaft can penetrate fully.

He held me firmly as he drove deeper and deeper into me. Although my natural lubrication made it easy for him, the searing pain was none the less excrutiating. "Oh my god, he's so big! I'm being split in two!" I thought as I felt his cock spreading my ass wide open, slithering further and further inside me. I was humiliated at the deepest depths of my being. With each inch that he penetrated me, I was becoming more of a woman.

"That's it, baby," I heard him grunt, "We're almost there. Just a few...more..."

I squealed as he pulled my hips and made one final thrust. "....Inches!" he finished. I felt his groin press against my bottom and I knew he was all the way inside of me now. I couldn't believe it! I was completely filled with a man's cock!

We both just stood there motionless for a moment. My mouth wide open, gasping for air and shaking my head in disbelief. I glanced to the side for a moment and saw our reflection in the huge wall mirror. There we were, the newlywed couple consummating their marriage. The young bride - me - with her heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick thrown over her back, her virgin bottom exposed, and her naked husband - Anil - behind her, holding her hips steady as he takes her virginity. Then, I felt relief as Anil pulled out a little, only to feel him thrust hard into me again. I cried out as our bodies made contact.

The thrusting action of a male can vary between "slow and steady" to "dominant hammering". Your husband's instincts will be in control here. Again, let nature take its course.

Over and over again he thrusted, all the while holding my waist steady.

"How does it feel now, Seema?" he asked. "Are you feeling girly enough yet? Do you feel like a full woman now, my little sissy-bride? My, but you have a nice, tight little ass, GIRL!" he sneered as he thrust in and out of me. Faster and faster he moved. I cried with every thrust, feeling his groin slapping my ass as he fucked me hard. The rustling of my lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick and petticoats filled my ears. His hands firmly gripped my narrow waist. Tears began falling down my cheeks as I cried. All that ran through my mind was "He's making me a girl! I'm becoming a woman!"

Some sissies have reported that concentrating on their breasts rubbing against the bed has helped to keep them from crying out too loudly.

I leaned forward until my breasts touched the bedspread and I buried my face in the pillow as he relentlessly took my virginity. My rear ached as he pounded it, driving his monster cock deep. I could feel it grow and become more rigid inside of me. I knew he was close to cumming. He spoke as he was thrusting. "OK sweetness, just like before. I'm going to cum hard inside of you, and as much as you might feel like it, I do not want you to cum yet." he ordered. "Only when I say you can." he finished.

Accepting your husband's semen is part of life and of nature. It can be very edifying to a marriage to cry out to your husband as he's filling you, or to even whisper intimately. The amount and heat of his ejaculation is normal, as most real men deposit between 6 - 8 ounces of semen during a single act of intercourse.

Anil made one final thrust and grunted as he held me firmly in place. Then it happened. He was cumming inside of me! I could feel his huge cock throbbing as he impregnated me with his seed. He held me completely still as he pumped load after load of his warm cum into me. It seemed like it would never end! I felt my tummy warm as his sperm reached deep inside of me. I threw my head back and screamed, "Anillllllllllll Nooooooo! Pleeeaaaseeee!"

"Yesssss!" he grunted as he came.

Momentarily spent, he released his grip on my waist and pulled out of me with a pop. I just collapsed on the bed sobbing, my ass dripping with cum. I felt some shifting on the bed, then I felt his hands slowly unbutton the back of my heavy silk lehenga, the match of my maroon lipstick.

"What - what are you doing?" I sobbed, still buried in the pillow. "Just trying to make you comfortable, Seema." he replied as he undid the last button. I then felt a tug at my neck and a long "zzzzip" as he opened the back of my lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, exposing my satin bridal lingerie. He inserted his hands inside the opening and around my slim waist and began massaging my sides, occaisionally reaching around to feel my tits. My sobbing began subsiding, and I just lay there, letting him feel me. He then leaned over and whispered, "Why don't you stand and let me help you out of your heavy silk lehenga, the match of your maroon lipstick, darling?"

I nodded. Anil then helped me off the bed. I wobbled in my heels for a moment, trembling and feeling faint. I stared at him as I pushed the puffy sleeves off my shoulders and slid the sheer sleeves off my arms. I then wiggled the dress and petticoat slip down over my hips and stepped out of them. I was now standing before my husband clad only in my white satin and lace bridal panty, sheer stockings, heels, borders and veil. My sissy-clit was so shrunken, it was barely noticable. I was about to take off my borders and veil when Anil stopped me. "That's OK, Seema." he said as he slinked his arms around me again.

"Leave it on." he whispered as he kissed me again.

"As a matter of fact," he continued after kissing me, "Why don't you find something sexy to slip into over this and we'll continue."

I went through the set of nightsuit, the match of your maroon lipsticks and pengniors hanging in the closet and found a short white salwar kurta made of satin with lacy trim. I slipped it over my head and felt it caress the satin panty as it settled over my hips. I then stepped into a fresh pair of lacy white satin panties, tucking myself in. Entering the bedroom again, I smiled slightly as Anil let out a whistle.

"I guess you like what you see, Anil?" I asked meekly.

"MMmmm, yes." he growled, taking me in his strong arms again. "Now, wife of mine," he continued, "I'm going to make love to you like a real woman." he finished as he led me by the hand back to the bed. He had taken off the bedspread, leaving just the satin sheets.

I began trembling again as I climbed onto the bed and lay down, my satin salwar kurta sliding on the sheets. I couldn't believe he had more left in him. I looked up at Anil as he climbed onto the bed with me and hovered over me. I felt so small and helpless. My ass was still filled with his sperm from earlier and it was getting moist again, preparing itself for another invasion. "Bend your knees and spread 'em, darling." he commanded. I did as he instructed. He climbed between my legs. My eyes grew wide again at the sight of his massive cock hanging down, pointing right at my groin. Seeing my expression, he tried to reassure me.

"I know what you're thinking Seema, but remember, I had it all the way inside of you once already. This should be much easier for you." I nodded as I felt tears well up in my eyes again. "Please, Anil. Be gentle." I said in my most feminine voice.

He nodded. Then, taking my legs in his hands, he lifted them over his shoulders. I felt him slide the crotch of my panties aside, exposing my "pussy" again. Then once again, I felt the head of his massive prick at my opening. I clutched the bedsheets, bracing myself for another penetration.

"Oohh!" I gasped as he inserted the head. I grabbed the sheets harder as he slowly pushed into me.

"Aarrggh!" I gritted my teeth and started panting as he continued to push into me. My eyes grew wide in astonishment, tears running down the sides of my face. "Easy, Seema. I'm almost all inside of you now." he whispered. I began shaking my head left and right as his huge cock slithered deeper and deeper inside of me, splitting me in two. It was so large, I thought my tummy would become distended.

"Please....Anil." I gasped, "Stop! You're....too....big!" "Shhhh, I'm almost there, darling." He whispered reassuringly, as if he were talking to a woman normally.

I slammed my eyes shut and began to sob. "No, no, no, no, not again!" I felt our groins touch and I knew he was completely inside of me. The pain was unbelievable. His hands on either side of my head to steady himself, and my smooth legs and heels up in the air, he began a slow, rhythmic thrusting. In and out, in and out. I was being fucked again I thought. Just like a girl gets fucked by her man. The humiliation was unbearable. How many more times will he use me like this? He began grunting as he thrust harder and faster, and I could feel his cock getting even bigger inside of me. I starAnil to hear myself making noises with each downward thrust he made into me. "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-um-um-oh-oh-um-um-um. Please-slow-down-Anil, It's-getting too-much!" I cried. But he just drove into me faster, working himself up to another huge orgasm. Every time we made contact, my satin panties would rub my sissy-clit and it was getting stimulated, betraying my feelings of humiliation by growing very stiff. The harder and faster he stroked, the more stimulated I would get. My sexy legs thrown over his shoulders, I could feel my new titties jiggling inside the satin cups of the panty as he pounded me mercilessly.

Anil was panting heavily now, and I knew he was about to fill me with his seed again.

"I', Seema." he said. " too.

And...I" he said.

I just squinted my teary eyes closed and nodded.

"Good...girl. Ohhhhh....ohhh....ohhh...ummm." I heard him groan, then it happened. One final thrust downward as I arched myself upward and we both came! He started cumming deep inside of me as I started to cum as well, filling my panties with sissy-juice. I was having the most explosive orgasm ever while Anil pumped me full of his sperm. My tummy warmed up as it filled with his seed. Suddenly, I felt a shift deep inside of me. It was the same type of feeling I got when Anil told me - Seema - that he loved her. Only this time, I wasn't on the inside looking out. Instead, I felt a warm, comfortable feeling. A, well - a girlish feeling. I was in control, and responding like any woman would. Like this was all very natural to me. Then I remembered Kiran's words to me before the wedding and my eyes flew open.

" the moment he cums inside of you and impregnates you with his seed - at that very moment - I want you to open your eyes wide and see that bracelet around your ankle and think of me as his warm spunk fills your little tummy."

Gazing up at the dainty little bracelet around my left ankle, I began to tear up again. Only - these were tears of happiness as her other words came to mind;

"I want my best girlfriend Seema to be around always!" Kiran said.

"Oh my dear, sweet friend Kiran!" I thought to myself. "What a lovely gift for one girlfriend to give to another. I want to be around always as well!"

Then I looked up at Anil's face and smiled. He looked at me and sensed that something was different. Then he said, "Hello, Seema. I'm glad you're back." "Hi Anil, sweetie." I heard myself say as I closed my eyes, "Mmmmmm so am I." I relished each movement he made inside of me and the warmth of his sperm in my tummy. I sensed Anil's strokes slowing even further. Opening my eyes, I looked deep into my husband's and said, "Please, Anil. Don't stop." I was almost pleading. "Cum inside me again, Please? I need to feel your seed in me." I finished as I wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands around his neck.

He picked up his pace and began ramming me harder and faster. I found myself arching my back and meeting his thrusts.

"Ohh...ohhh...ohh...ummm...mmmm...ohh...ohhh...ummm. Yes...Anil...Ohhhhhhhh, fuck me! Ohhhh....harder, baby, yesssss....harder! Fuck me hard! Ohhh, sweetie, yesss, that's it. Ohh...ummmm...ummmm...mmmmm.....ohhhhhhh.!" I heard myself cry out in my new feminine voice. My sissy-clit was about to explode again in my panties as Anil thrusAnil hard and deep inside of me, rubbing my clittie each time we contacted. I was panting and crying like a true girl in heat, wanting more!

"Faster, Anil.....Faster!" I started screaming as I felt another orgasm building. "I'm going to cum, Anil! I'!!!!" I groaned as another explosive orgasm racked my body. I felt my satin panties warming as my sissy juices spilled into them again. Meanwhile, Anil slammed me one last time and held me there as his thick, hot cock began spurting his seed deep inside of me, his juices warming my tummy again.

Anil collapsed on top of me and we fell asleep, both exhausted.

Part IV: The Next Morning

"You're a sissy, Seema." I heard through the haze of slumber. It was Anil. "Huh? What did you say, darling" I said as I stirred a little in our spooning position, only half awake.

"I said, 'You're a sissy, Seema'," he whispered in my ear. I giggled a little. Then, turning over, I looked at him closely. "He's not here, Anil." I said. "Seema is gone. You just have me now - Seema, your wife. And I'm not leaving." I said, smiling.

"Just wanted to be sure." Anil smiled as we returned to our spooning position.

Epilogue: Two Years Later

As much as I hated the whole process, I suppose I have indeed found my place. And I guess it was next to a man. Shortly after we returned from our honeymoon, I started genetic therapy and DNA restructuring at the Re-Building Institute. As a result, my eyes have become naturally blue and my breasts grew to a nice proportionate 36C. Thanks to the massive hormones and panty training, my waist is down to 24 inches naturally. My inner "plumbing" changed to that of a woman's so I could bear children and breast-feed, and eventually my little sissy-clit and sack shrunk to form a perfect vagina. So Anil and I could "do it" like anyone else! Just like mother said we would.

My husband, Anil is now the CEO of the company he worked for. It's strenuous but he's a tough guy and very business saavy. Honestly, I don't know how he does it. He's provided very well for us. We're living on 20 acres with a lake view in a house that's so large I need to hire people to take care of it!

Kiran and I became the best of girlfriends. We're just like sisters! It's so great! She went on to marry Neeraj Mahajan - I was proud to be her Matron of Honor - and we both got pregnant almost at the same time! She had a little girl, whom they named "Seema" after me! Wasn't that sweet? I had a little boy, and we named him "Seema".

And now I sit here, gazing lovingly down at my baby boy as he nurses and smiling ear to ear! I can't help but feel so fulfilled. Now I know why women yearn for this, there's nothing like a baby suckling on his mother's breasts and taking her milk. Kiran and I would joke about how my son may someday marry her daughter. I would love that. And I'm going to do all I can to make sure that my Seema goes down the aisle as the Groom, and not the Bride!