Thursday, January 18, 2007


nimishacdthebride: hi rekha

nimishacdthebride: how are you

rekha ghosh: is this my first qwuestion

nimishacdthebride: well be normal

nimishacdthebride: just answer as a normal conversation

rekha ghosh: ok

rekha ghosh: ill answer ur queries

rekha ghosh: im a m2f transexual i hate beng a man

nimishacdthebride: ok'

nimishacdthebride: well thats great to know

nimishacdthebride: rekha

nimishacdthebride: the name is sweet

rekha ghosh: thank u

nimishacdthebride: and would you mind telling our readers -

nimishacdthebride: that being a bengali

nimishacdthebride: how did you start

nimishacdthebride: and isnt it difficult to live with it

rekha ghosh: im not a bengali though

rekha ghosh: its very difficut to live as a woman in india

nimishacdthebride: well your surname was such so i felt

rekha ghosh: well that was not my surnmae

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: then how come ghosh

nimishacdthebride: interesting

nimishacdthebride: please let us know about it

nimishacdthebride: ?

rekha ghosh: thats a nickname

nimishacdthebride: ok

rekha ghosh: when i transform into a femle i call my myself rekha

nimishacdthebride: well so rekha when was it that you dressed as a girl in saree first time

nimishacdthebride: how did you learn to wear a saree

rekha ghosh: by trial and error

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: so when do you remember having worn a saree perfectly the first time

rekha ghosh: very first time i wore a nightie when i was just 7 years

nimishacdthebride: ok

rekha ghosh: it took around 4-5 years

rekha ghosh: to wear a perfect saree

nimishacdthebride: so what is your age now?

rekha ghosh: im 22

rekha ghosh: now

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: and how long have you been cding

rekha ghosh: right from age 7

nimishacdthebride: well so long

nimishacdthebride: well rekha great to know that

rekha ghosh: i usewde to secretely wear female clothes

rekha ghosh: y

nimishacdthebride: please tell us how often do you dress now and wh all close to you know that you cd

rekha ghosh: i dressup regularly now after my work

nimishacdthebride: is it daily

rekha ghosh: ya

nimishacdthebride: who all do know that you cd

rekha ghosh: i have not worn male clothes at my home for a long time now they r only meant outside

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: does any one know

nimishacdthebride: about this

rekha ghosh: ya my house owner and his wife

rekha ghosh: actually i live separately alone in banaglaore

rekha ghosh: im from UP actualy

nimishacdthebride: how did you muster courage to tell them

rekha ghosh: they just kind of felt i was a girl when i first introduced myself

nimishacdthebride: then what happened

nimishacdthebride: that is interesting

rekha ghosh: the thing is the house owner had a daughter who lives abroad now rarely visits

nimishacdthebride: then

rekha ghosh: thev kind of feel im their daughter

nimishacdthebride: thats nice for you

nimishacdthebride: but how did it happen the first time please share it with our readers

rekha ghosh: even though they know im le

rekha ghosh: well

rekha ghosh: they actualy noticed i had female undergarments and a saree at home

nimishacdthebride: then did they ask something

nimishacdthebride: how did the relation grow

rekha ghosh: then slowly the land lady asked me whether i was a man or woman

rekha ghosh: i told them my story

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: then what happened

rekha ghosh: then both the land lord and the land lady becmae very friendly with me

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: did they ask you to dress for them

rekha ghosh: the land lady is very good she presents me a saree every diwali and sankranti

rekha ghosh: both of them call me as their daugther

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: grat

nimishacdthebride: but you never told us if they asked you to dresss specially any time

rekha ghosh: they actullay gave me the name rekha

rekha ghosh: once she did invite me for married ladies celbration when they r gifted kumkum

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: any other special comment or remark

rekha ghosh: but i was too shy i dint attend

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: any other special event

rekha ghosh: will u post tis on ur blog

nimishacdthebride: yes i will

rekha ghosh: can u give me the link too

nimishacdthebride: i will sure

rekha ghosh: when exactly

nimishacdthebride: rekha please tell us that do you also have snaps and do you dress and chat on cam with others

nimishacdthebride: i will do it today itself

rekha ghosh: ok ill send them across to vou

rekha ghosh: ok

nimishacdthebride: please tell us about your fantasy

nimishacdthebride: your dream

nimishacdthebride: your desire

rekha ghosh: mv fantasy is to become a normal woman

rekha ghosh: have a loving husband and have children

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: as a custom in my blog every cd has to tell us something special and that is something i decide

nimishacdthebride: so now it is your turn today

rekha ghosh: waht special should i tell give me a hint

nimishacdthebride: well i am going to give you a plot

nimishacdthebride: you have to tell us

nimishacdthebride: what will you do and how

rekha ghosh: ok

rekha ghosh: tell me

nimishacdthebride: please tell us where in UP do you come from

nimishacdthebride: what place do you belong to

rekha ghosh: im from lucknow

nimishacdthebride: ook

nimishacdthebride: great

nimishacdthebride: well

rekha ghosh: but im now in bangalore

nimishacdthebride: so ready for your plot?

rekha ghosh: i dont think ill visit up again though

rekha ghosh: ya

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: well i am also from UP

nimishacdthebride: banaras

rekha ghosh: thats great

nimishacdthebride: well your plot is --

rekha ghosh: waiting

nimishacdthebride: you have been kidnapped by a man and he has asked you to dress as his bride for yours and his suhaagraat

nimishacdthebride: you are expected to tell us

nimishacdthebride: each and every step

nimishacdthebride: how you will dress as a bride

nimishacdthebride: right from dress selection to make up

rekha ghosh: thats a wonderful plot

nimishacdthebride: to how you feel dressed up

nimishacdthebride: so can we expect you to start now

rekha ghosh: i would be so happy a man ha s love d me so much that he has kidnapped me

nimishacdthebride: well rekha

nimishacdthebride: before you start

nimishacdthebride: i must tell you

nimishacdthebride: you have two options

nimishacdthebride: here

rekha ghosh: firstly i would be wearing a red saree

rekha ghosh: ok give me the options

nimishacdthebride: either you can type, but then in between i will not speak

nimishacdthebride: at all

nimishacdthebride: no messages

nimishacdthebride: or if you want more lively

nimishacdthebride: then we can be on voice chat

rekha ghosh: ok sure ill keep typing

nimishacdthebride: you can speak and i will keep typing out

rekha ghosh: i dont have a mic

nimishacdthebride: what you tell me

nimishacdthebride: oh sad

nimishacdthebride: ok

nimishacdthebride: well before you start

nimishacdthebride: then let us set a few expectations

nimishacdthebride: no words from me

rekha ghosh: il type instead

nimishacdthebride: you will not stop typing

rekha ghosh: ok sure

rekha ghosh: ok

rekha ghosh: ill keep on typing

rekha ghosh: sahll i start

rekha ghosh: can i start

nimishacdthebride: and off the record please tell us what are you wearing right now and would you mind if i call you for a minute right now on phone

rekha ghosh: well let me finish my story first

nimishacdthebride: ok start

rekha ghosh: im wearing a blue saree right now

nimishacdthebride: and any jewellery?

rekha ghosh: but when the kidnapper comes i would like to wear only a red saree

nimishacdthebride: well see

nimishacdthebride: he has kidnapped you as a boy and you are forced to become a woman

nimishacdthebride: so now you got to start

rekha ghosh: ok

nimishacdthebride: start your story darling

nimishacdthebride: i will not speak

rekha ghosh: the kidnapper thinks me as a woman and

rekha ghosh: forces me into his car

rekha ghosh: he takes me to a resort and tells me to remove my manly clothes forever

rekha ghosh: i happil agree

rekha ghosh: i would first remove all my manlv clothes and slowly start dressing up in a wonderful red sarree the kidnapper gave to me

rekha ghosh: i start putting on the petticoat and ask the kidnapper to strap me a bra and a wonderful silken blouse

rekha ghosh: when i wear them i reach the zenith of my joy

rekha ghosh: i start wearing all the jewelery he bought to me

rekha ghosh: the kidnapper has bought his mother too

nimishacdthebride: wht all things in jewellery do you put on tell us in detail

nimishacdthebride: name and every type of jewellery

rekha ghosh: she applies mehndi on the would be bride and gives me kumkum and mangalsutra

nimishacdthebride: how heavy, long

nimishacdthebride: shape etc

rekha ghosh: she gives me her old generation jewellery whih her mother had given to her

rekha ghosh: and tells me to take care of her son

nimishacdthebride: very very detailed please

nimishacdthebride: tell us every thing

nimishacdthebride: there type

nimishacdthebride: colour

rekha ghosh: she caresses my hair

nimishacdthebride: number

nimishacdthebride: eac jewellery item

nimishacdthebride: what kind of hair

nimishacdthebride: all

rekha ghosh: she applies mehndi on all y body

rekha ghosh: long hair and daimond jewelllery

rekha ghosh: she applies lipsick and makeup on me

rekha ghosh: she then gives me the red saree i yearn to wear

rekha ghosh: i wear the petticioat blouse and put the pallu on

rekha ghosh: i look at the mirror i look like a wonderful bride

rekha ghosh: i wear the jhumkas

rekha ghosh: and the nose ring

rekha ghosh: she then arranges for a pandit

nimishacdthebride: well rekha but you are still missing out on other jewellery items

rekha ghosh: the pandit allows me to sit next to the kidnaper

nimishacdthebride: well rekha but you are still missing out on other jewellery items

rekha ghosh: payal is also provided to me

rekha ghosh: i look so cute on the mirror

nimishacdthebride: what about - bangles, mang tika, neck laces

rekha ghosh: mother in law tells me that i should give her a wonderful son in return

rekha ghosh: she also gives her bangles to me and kumkum with manga sutra

rekha ghosh: i dress up like a cute bride

rekha ghosh: and slowly walk towards the mantap as i walk im so nervous i hear the shrills of my petticoat

rekha ghosh: im really very shy

rekha ghosh: v mother in law takes me to the mantap

rekha ghosh: she then tells me to sit and i readil agree

rekha ghosh: the pandit starts thge chants

rekha ghosh: and my husband puts a garland on me

rekha ghosh: and he ties the mangal sutra on me and applies kumkum

rekha ghosh: im so delighted that i cant express my happiness

nimishacdthebride: well that was nice and captivating and would certainly make this interview great. we do not need to know what happened after marriage.


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